• Qualification:Undergraduate
    Work address:Guangzhou
    Update time:2024.06.19
    Job Responsibilities:

    1、College degree or above (educational requirements can be relaxed for those with excellent experience), age 28-35;

    2、More than 3 years of experience in quality management in the connector industry;

    3、Responsible for the implementation of the company's quality policy and quality objectives, and the operation and maintenance of the company's quality management system;

    4、Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the company's various quality systems, and the execution and promotion of quality activities;

    5、Responsible for the formulation and implementation of hardware, injection molding, incoming materials, processes, finished product quality standards, and inspection specifications;

    6、Responsible for handling the company's quality anomalies, and cooperate with the business department to investigate and handle customer complaints and returns;

    7、Formulate and supervise the implementation of non-conformity prevention and corrective measures;

    8、Responsible for the implementation of quality management for all employees and conduct internal quality audits on the work of each department;

    9、Strong communication and coordination skills, able to adapt to team building, and strong hands-on ability.

  • Qualification:Undergraduate
    Work address:Guangzhou
    Update time:2024.06.19
    Job Responsibilities:

    1、Assist R&D engineers to complete product design drawings;

    2、Product performance testing and report compilation during product development;

    3、Preparation and maintenance of technical data such as BOM/specification/customer product drawings;

    4、Assist R&D engineers to handle production anomalies and customer complaints.

    Job Requirements:

    1、College degree or above, age under 28;

    2、More than 1 year of experience in 3D drawing;

    3、Proficient in using drawing software (2D, 3D);

    4、Candidates with experience in the mobile phone and electronic product structural parts industry, and connector experience are preferred.

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